What does being in alignment mean? Why is it important to know if you are in or out of alignment? And easy ways to get yourself back into alignment.

Alignment to me, means being in tune to your heart center and aligned with what you truly desire your life to be. It means that you can create a life that you truly LOVE and brings you JOY. As human beings, it is so easy for us to slide in and out of alignment with our heart center. So what does this look like?

When you are NOT in alignment with your heart, you experience:

  • Sickness/sluggish feelings

  • Unclear, foggy, stuck

  • Anxious, agitation, fear

  • Not feeling like yourself

  • Doing things because you feel like you “should”

When you are IN alignment with your heart, you experience:

  • You take time for self-care

  • Do things that are FUN and that bring you JOY

  • Eat and sleep patterns are good for you

  • You feel like yourself

The first step in living your life more in alignment with your heart center is to have awareness. Notice how it feels specifically for you when you are IN or OUT of alignment. For everyone, they may experience different things. What is it for you? Pay attention to your feelings, thoughts, actions and triggers. Are you doing things that are aligned for you?

Take time to connect to your feelings, thoughts and actions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to experience in my life?

  • What do I need in my life?

  • What lights me up?

  • What is no longer serving me at this time?

  • What do I want more of?

  • What do I want less of?

  • Am I doing things because I “should” or because it brings me JOY?

Lastly, take responsibility for YOUR life. No one else is responsible to make you happy, to make you feel loved, to do things for you. You get to create the life you want. It must start by getting real with yourself, by loving yourself, for being grateful for all that you have. Then start to build off of all of that amazing yumminess. It will feel so good when you are in alignment with your heart center.

So are you experiencing alignment? If you are feeling stuck, coming off the winter blues, not sure which way to go; then its time to get you back into alignment. If that is the case, hit the reply button and lets do it together.

I will guide you into releasing which no longer serves you to get back to the alignment you desire.


Connecting to your Spirit Guides

What are Spirit Guides? What are they here to do for us?

There are so many beings that we have heard about. Spirit guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Healers, Loved ones, Light Beings, Guardian Angels, Spirit Animals, and sooooo many more. There is an unlimited amount of these beings that are available to us to guide us, protect us, uplift us, and more. Recently I have been asked from my clients and friends; “What are Spirit Guides?” “How can we connect with these beings?” “What is the difference between all of these beings, is there a different?”

I wanted to share one of my first experiences with my Guides. I remember I was sitting on my couch, listening to some relaxing music and I was asking for some guidance regarding my journey. I noticed a flash of light out of my peripheral vision to my right. I then felt this presence that was filled with so much love and joy. I asked this presence who it was and was told, “I am Archangel Michael”. I felt a sudden sense of peace wash over me and we had continued to have an in depth question. I would ask a question and he would answer. Situations like this have happened many times for me. Driving down the road in my car, in mediation, in my dreams, while I am taking a shower, while I am in nature, the list goes on and on.

Would you like to have experiences like these, where you connect to your Guides? Have you already had similar experiences but want clarity on what these experiences may mean?

Join me for a webinar ‘Connecting to your Spirit Guides’

On Wednesday, February 27th from 7-9 pm cst. I will be leading a webinar all about ‘Connecting to your Spirit Guides’. Cost of this webinar is $44. You can register for this webinar by clicking the following link.

Sound Healing Experience

Why do I love sound healing? What is sound healing? About a year ago, I experienced my first ever sound healing activation. I attended this activation at Green Lotus in Lakeville. There were crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, a gong, tuning form and probably a few other tools. I remember laying there, unable to calm my mind and body. After the first twenty minutes, the teacher came and placed a Tibetan bowl on my Solar plexus and after that, I remember nothing. I remember seeing colors, Angels and Guides and being led to beautiful purple light.

After that initial experience, I knew I wanted to go back for more. The second time I went, it was much more relaxing and I almost immediately left my “head space” and started the healing journey. The one thing I knew, I had to get my hands on my own singing bowls.

I was so grateful when my friend gifted me her solar plexus singing bowl. I was in tears and so excited! My second singing bowl came just a few weeks ago at Christmas. It was gifted to me from my in-laws and is my first crystal bowl.

I love to incorporate these beautiful bowls in the healing sessions that I do. The vibrations from the singing bowls align with different chakras and help to align and balance your energy. The crystal singing bowl is attuned to the heart chakra. Which is beautiful as the heart chakra bridges the Heaven (upper 3 and beyond) chakras to the Earth (lower 3 and beyond) chakras.

Another sound healing tool I absolutely love is my sacred drum. Which I was so fortunate enough to make my own this past September. The sacred drum is a beautiful way to feel grounded. I use this in my healing sessions to assist my clients in grounding and releasing. It can also help you to connect to animal spirits and guides!

Watch this video to learn more.

A short introduction on sound healing and how I incorporate these tools into my energy healing sessions!

To schedule a healing session with sound healing, please email me at, or you can also text or call at 715-245-0211

Nature Love

There is something absolutely magical about being in nature. The soft wind across your face. The trees swaying to the wind. The sun kissing your cheek. The birds singing sweet melodies.

In any season, you can choose to find beauty and magic. Right now in Wisconsin, it is winter. It has been quite a different style of winter. Saturday was almost 50° and sunny, yesterday was windy, cloudy and cold and hardly any snow. Recently, I have been spending quite a bit of time outside. There is something about the cold that feels so exciting. Bubbling up and going for a walk is so fun. What do you enjoy doing outside in January.

This past Friday and Saturday, I explored my grandparents farm. Looking at different views of the farm that I may have not noticed as a child. Walking into the barn, it brought up so many memories. Chasing the pigs to the other end of the barn, sitting on the front porch wishing and dreaming of running a B&B some day, swinging from the willow trees {that unfortunately fell down years ago}. Saturday I took my boys there to explore as well and share my memories with them. Oh what a joy it was to see their faces light up.


The beauty that lies there makes my heart swell with so much love and gratitude. I was able to capture some amazing shots of the nature that encompasses the farm.


On Sunday, yesterday, I took a trip to Hok-Si-La campground in Lake City with some friends. Again a beautiful day in nature. We hugged some trees, stood in silence and listened to what nature had to say. We found this energy vortex {I think that’s what it was} between 3 trees. We joined together between these 3 trees and all started moving. The energy was incredible. Each of us took a turn in the vortex and it was so moving, literally and energetically. We also took a walk along Lake Pepin, where we collected stones and were welcomed by Great Eagle Spirit {3 of them to be exact}. The energy there was simply amazing. If you get a chance, go check it out!


My suggestion to you, find time to get out and about in Nature. Take in the beauty that Mother Earth has to offer. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you feel? While in nature, make sure to pause. Pause long enough to take it all in, I promise you will be moved in ways you may not have experienced before.

I’d love to hear from you. Send me some photos of you enjoying nature and our beautiful Mother Earth.

New Year + New Mindset

I am so excited to launch my new online program, New Year + New Mindset. It came to me from my Guides a little over a month ago. I had been thinking about it and kept getting the nudge to go for it. Then in the physical realm, I had a few friends bring it up as well. Which leads me to this moment, going ahead and getting it started! I am soooo excited to see this all unfold!

Here is the information regarding the program. I hope you join in on all the amazing-ness!

I am so excited to be launching a 3-week program starting on January 14-February 3rd. The cost of this 3 week program is only $44.44!! Here is what each week will be about {with a fun few additions}. It will be about connection to your mind, body and spirit.

Week #1: Grounding and protecting your body and energy field. Why is it important to feel grounded on a daily basis and what does this mean?

Week #2: How to take care of your mind and how your thoughts create your reality. It is so important to have a healthy mindset.

Week #3: We are all spiritual beings, living in a physical body. Ways to connect to the spiritual realm and connect to your spirit guides.

Each week you will receive an email on Sunday evening with a short introduction to the topic and a guided meditation for the week. You will be a part of a private “Vibe Tribe” community.

On Wednesday evenings at 8 pm I will host a Facebook Live event where we will dive deeper into the topic and answer any questions.

I will also do Angel Card readings for the guests who are watching live. Can’t make it live? The replay will be on the group page.

To sign up, click on the PayPal link below. You will receive confirmation afterwards. Any questions please reach out. Registration closes on Saturday, January 12th at 11:59pm.

new yearnewmindset.jpg

THANKSgiving and LOVE to YOU!

Has anyone been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed lately? Stress? Sadness? Happiness? Gratitude? I have been feeling all of the feels this past week or so. We have fully stepped into the Full Moon energy, which can bring up a lot of different emotions. I caught myself slipping into the whole “victim mode” this morning and turning into a not so pleasant B!$#@! Yikes. But hey I am only human. I quickly ran down to my healing space, lit some sage and Palo Santo and did some grounding work. Reminding myself to get present, grounded and centered back into the experience I am wanting to have. {Which is not Master B!$#@, haha}

To read more on the Full Moon energy

I recently did a guided meditation and gave some tips on how to stay grounded and centered through the Holidays. I had to practice what I preach right? I just wanted to remind you all, it is human and natural to “slip” into that mode. But look at your current state of experience. Is this how you want to feel? Are you ready to release that experience to make room for a different one? Do you want to be that negative energy during the Holidays?

I was about to make my pumpkin pie when I “slipped” into that zone. I thought to myself, “Is this the energy I want baked into the pie? or do I want LOVE baked into the pie?” That is why I had to run down and do a clearing and grounding exercise.

Like I said the other day, “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.” ;-)

You got this babe, enjoy the heck out of your family and this amazing journey we are all on together!

Lastly, I have to say THANK YOU! To all of you beautiful souls that continue to give me LOVE, SUPPORT and so much to be grateful for! I love you all.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Holiday season and have whatever experience you are meant to have with the ones you LOVE!

I’ll be back available for healing sessions on Monday, November 26th!

Don’t forget to stop by for my Open House THIS Saturday, November 24th at 10-2. Stop by to say hello, have yummy snacks and drinks, do a little Holiday shopping and experience a demo of how a healing session works! *Gift certificates available for purchase as well.

Thankful for YOU. Your love, support, and the feedback I receive from all of YOU!

Thankful for YOU. Your love, support, and the feedback I receive from all of YOU!

Falling into Autumn...

fall logo.PNG

With the changing seasons, the falling leaves, cooler temps, and so much more; comes a lot of shifts in our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

Each and every day we have the opportunity to make the best of the present moment. From the moment you open your eyes each morning and until you close your eyes at night, try to be present. If we are only focused on the past and the present, how can we truly enjoy the moment we are presently in and experiencing?

Let me ask you this, are you fully enjoying the changing of the leaves? The cooler temperatures? The beautiful colors that are surrounding you? Like are you reallllly enjoying them? There is not right or wrong answer to that question. What I want, is for you to hold yourself in this present space and moment. Close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Now open your eyes and look around. What it is that you see right now? Take a deep breath and inhale the smells around you. What is it that you smell? I want you to enjoy your moment, grab a piece of paper (or your journal) and write down 3 things that bring you JOY in this moment. Maybe you are even drinking your favorite fall drink. Mmmm that nice warm coffee or spice flavored tea.

There is one more thing I want to touch on. My favorite quote this time of year goes like this, “The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let go.” In this moment, are there things you can let go of so that you can be more intentional when you are enjoying these things around you? For example, are you upset that you didn't do that one thing you really wanted to this summer? Are you dwelling on that conversation you had the other day with a friend that didn't go as expected? Whatever those things are that are causing the extra “noise” in your head, LET. IT. GO. There is no reason to hold onto those things no longer serving you. So be like a tree and let go of the leaves/things that are holding you back from being present and enjoying this moment.

If these things go a little bit deeper, take your time and release nice and gentle. And if you are still finding yourself struggling, I will hold space for you to heal and release. Because as we transition into this new season, we want to be in alignment with our truth and authenticity.

Now go grab your journal, favorite fall drink and write those three things down that bring you JOY in this moment. Raising your vibe in love.

Holding you in Love and Light,


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Are you dying to know?

I’m sure you have been dying to know more about me…

So let me share…

It’s been awhile since I have taken the time to introduce myself. I am Brittani Frey, owner of Healing Love and Light LLC, which is located in Prescott, WI.

I started on my “spiritual quest” about six years ago. Although I am a firm believer that this was always going to be my path, the light wasn’t shining so brightly until after I had my first born son. Which is hard for me to believe that in a few short weeks he will be six!

I feel like after giving birth to another human being, that something magical sort of happens. Something that is hard to explain, but I know other moms understand.

He was a gift from God and changed my life is so many ways. It was a few weeks after he was born that I took him to an energy practitioner. And after a few months, I started going for myself. All of that was just the beginning of an incredible journal.

Fast forward two and a half years and I was having my second son. Which again, opened me up in ways I never knew were possible.

It was in those few years that I had realized that I had some pretty amazing gifts myself that I was meant to share with others.

I have two beautiful boys and have been married to my hubby for seven years. There are ups, downs, and all arounds in life, marriage, and being a mom. But one thing I know is…

The journey of life gives us so many opportunities to learn, grown, fall and get back up again. A piece of advice; remember that in every situation, even when its hard, know that you are a Divine Being-that you have so much purpose in this Universe.

Have I wanted to throw in the towel? Hell yeah. Have I felt immobilized by the fear and judgment of what others think of me? Hell yeah. There are still times to this day that I worry about what others may view me as. But (like mentioned above) I remember that I am a Divine Being with a huge purpose to serve and I’m not about to let God down so easy.

In my years of working with my gift, I have had the opportunity to learn under some amazing teachers, light workers, mediums, God, Angels, and Spiritual beings. I feel like I am constantly learning, growing and expanding. So many wonderful beings have come into my life to teach, uplift and nurture me.

Hearing from my clients on what a huge impact I have made in their life. I know I have made a difference, and to me that's the best thing and feeling I could ever experience. Every situation is so eye opening and very beautiful.

The other biggest thing that has kept me going is being open about my own spiritual practice. Waking up every morning, placing my hand on my heart and focusing on gratitude. Making time for meditation and self care is also a huge way to keep me in alignment.

Other fun things about me: I love the moon and stars, I love painting and coloring, I love spending time at the cabin just taking in nature, I love drinking coffee, I love creating new and exciting things, and I love more than anything the three amazing guys in my life.

What I really wanted to share about myself is how much I love serving others. My purpose in this lifetime is to serve and guide others with their own healing abilities. I feel that I serve as a medium and conduit for the energy to flow from Spirit into my clients, through love and light. In almost every single session, I am brought to tears for what I feel for my clients, hearing their experiences during and after their session. That's what keeps me going.

I want for all people to experience a healing session in some form or another. Did you know that I do Oracle Card Readings? A great tool to use to connect to your guides and see what messages they have for you. I also conduct healing sessions one-on-one in person or via the phone. That's right, when working with energy I don’t need to be face to face with my clients. And have had a lot of success doing it both ways.

I also offer free 15 minutes consultations with my clients to see if this is what you are needing at this time! How cool is that? A good way to get to know each other and seeing what it is you are needing. Love it! All you have to do is fill out the form below and I will contact you to schedule your consultation.

Name *

And HEY! I’d love for you to fill out the form above to just say HEY and to introduce yourself to me as well. It’s always so great to hear from others.

Signing out for now.

With Love and Light!


Energetic Unwinding

Hello all! I keep getting a nudge from my guides to share with all of you a little bit more about energetic unwinding. In the video below you will learn more about energetic unwinding and how you can practice unwinding on yourself in your own home and space. When I started the unwinding on myself a few years back, I was hesitant on how it looked or felt. But the best part about doing this in your own space in your home is, it doesn't matter what it looks like. The relief you will feel and experience is ahhh-mazing. If you are wanting guidance and assistance in the energetic unwinding, schedule a healing session with me! You will feel even more amazing when  you have a session from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. 

Our physical body has what is called fascia that surrounds every bone, muscle, artery and vein. It is a continuous system in our body. Much like how a sweater is woven together with yarn. What it looks like is this: if you are peeling the skin off a chicken and you see that iridescent layer, that is what the fascia looks like. When the fascia is constricted in any way it will start to cause blocks and pain in our physical body. From an energetic standpoint those blocks can be caused from not just physical but emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. When you start to do the energetic unwinding you are able to start to release the fascia in the physical body, which also helps release some of the mental, spiritual, emotional ties as well. So don't be too alarmed if you are feeling an emotional release as well as the physical release, as they are much linked to one another. Again, that is why I am here to offer you support and guidance during a healing session. Its always nice to have that extra support to go through this process with. If you'd like to read more info on the more scientific view of the fascia read more below. 


Now watch the video below to see a demonstration as to how you can practice an energetic unwinding on yourself. Make sure to start in a safe place, where you will not hit any large objects, have a soft bend in your knees, close your eyes and relax. Let the unwinding happen with ease and see how your physical body responds. Ahhhhh-mazing. 

Email me to set up a healing session at

I'm Back!

Okay so for a split second I had a little bit of guilt wash over me, realizing I've been neglecting my website and blog. But then I realized I was going through a big shift and needing to "do the things" before coming back on here and writing. 

For those of you who don't know, I quit my job and am now doing my business full time and I couldn't be more excited and happy for this journey. I had to text my friend this morning and tell her I feel like I need to be pinched, "how can this be my reality?" Well I guess it can be my reality because I have been manifesting this for over three years. 

The job I left held so much purpose in my life and I am grateful for every opportunity I had there. I met some really amazing people, made wonderful connections and along the way learned SO much about who I am and where I was going. It was those connections that helped me build my business and build my confidence to do this. Do you ever think to yourself, "I am right where I need to be. Right place, right time." That is exactly how I felt about my time at that job. All of it. It was right where I needed to be and for the perfect length of time. And there was some huge nudges and pushes letting me know that my time there was done. I will always have a connection with my friends there and know that even though I am not an employee there anymore, it still serves purpose in my life. 

I honestly feel the tears rising, the excitement jumping out of my skin. THIS IS MY REALITY and I CREATED THIS! Can  you tell I am excited?

I wanted to write this today to basically share my excitement with all of you and to let you know, you'll be hearing a lot from me. Please make sure you are following my business page on Facebook: Healing Love and Light LLC and my Instagram @healinglovelightllc

im back.png

The Element of Water

Here is my most recent article I wrote for the St. Croix Current, a local newspaper in Prescott, WI.

As I sit here to write this article, I am looking out at the beautiful St. Croix River watching the water flow, soft waves ripple, and the beautiful sunset over the horizon. I come down to the river quite often.  hile I am here, I usually find myself reflecting on my life or when I need some extra healing and love. So let me ask, are you one of those people that are so use to driving by it every day you hardly even notice? Or do you take time to stop frequently and use it for adding value to your life?

 I recently came across the following quote (on and thought that it would tie in nicely to what I wanted to share with all of you:  The true essence and meaning of the element of water and how we can use the confluence of the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers to our advantage.  

 "Water is a cleansing, healing, psychic and loving element. It is the feeling of friendship and love that pours over us when we are with our family, friends, and loved ones. When we swim it is the water that supports us, when we are thirsty, it is the water that quenches our thirst. Water is something that we need to survive. As well as being vital for life, within the energy of this element is contained the essence of love. Love is the underlying reason for all magic. Water is love." 

 Since I started my spiritual based lifestyle a few years back, I have found myself coming down to the water quite often. I come down here to be inspired, like right now as I sit here writing this article. I come down here to be in the flow, just like the water flows so easily and effortlessly, I too allow myself to do the same. Flow with all my thoughts, feelings, thoughts and emotions. I come down here to reflect. Have you ever looked in the water and saw your reflection? Try it out sometime. The water will tell you a lot about yourself that you need to know. I encourage you to come down here sometime and take advantage of all that this water has to offer. Use it to deepen your spiritual gifts, to feel the love and nourishment it offers, and to feel the healing and cleansing powers. 

 When I am working with clients, I take them on a guided meditation journey where they envision the water healing and cleansing them. Feeling the water "wash" over them to bring love and light into their lives. I encourage you to give healing a try. Whether its during a healing session with me or if you choose to just come down by the water. Allow yourself to flow through emotions to heal your mind, body and spirit.

A few other ways to connect with water:

·         Drink plenty of water as it flushes away toxins


·         If you feel negative energy build up during the day cleanse that energy by washing your hands (warm water to cleanse away the energy and cold water to reenergize the energy)


·         Take a nice relaxing shower or bath and imagine the water washing away anything that does not serve you, and just be in the presence of a body of water. 


·         Meditate and just listen to the flow and current of the water



I will be holding a group meditation very soon. And I thought what better place to do it than down by the water. Follow my Facebook page Healing Love and Light LLC (listed under events) for more details. You can also check out my website for more blog entries, events, and service details at

May you surround yourself with the beautiful, healing waters of the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers. 

 Sending so much love, 


Healing Love and Light LLC



 *The Meditation has now been scheduled for Saturday, August 11th at 9am. Meet at the Prescott Beach (Wisconsin side of the St. Croix weather permitting). Click on the "Learn More" below to link you to the event on Facebook.


July New Moon

Does this New Moon energy feel a little (or a lot) more intense than past ones? Its because we are also experiencing a Solar Eclipse at the exact same time. Along with six planets in retrograde. Holy Moly right? This isn't intended to daunt you or scare you. Its really all about finding balance and healing. Some "not so great" things may be coming up to the surface that you feel like you need to run or hide from. Trust me, don't do this, because if you do, it might come back again and again. The Universe has a way to do that. You run and hide, eventually you need to work through it, so its just going to keep coming back until you do. A lot of these things may (or do) have an attachment to a past life and yours souls mission is to learn something from this. Even the most spiritual and connected people need to heal from the past. 

Last night I decided that I was needing to release some cords and attachments that came up, served their purpose, but that I was ready to release and move forward from. Although you typically hear that the New Moon is the time for new beginnings, which it is. You also need to release and make room for those new beginnings. Here is a picture below of the New Moon ritual I did. I lit a candle, burned some sage and palo santo, pulled some cards from the Native Spirit deck and wrote a list of what I wanted to release. Once I burned that paper, I then made a list of what I wanted to bring in and the new beginnings I want to experience. If you are wanting to learn more about New Moon rituals you can read my blog post called "Using the Power of a New Moon." 

new moon ritual.PNG

My overall message for you, is to ALLOW to emotions to rise, ALLOW yourself to process, just ALLOW. However it comes, ALLOW. If you're needing to cry, allow yourself a good cry. Scream, laugh, sleep just allow. All is perfect in this moment, you are whole in this perfect moment. Your experiences are exactly what they are. If you are needing additional support, please reach out. I am here to remind you that LOVE and ALLOWING will guide you to process all of this. Enjoy this beautiful day!

Archangel Series....Part 1

I have recently been reading a book called The Secrets of Angel Therapy written by Hazel Raven. While reading this book it inspired me to share wisdom about all of the different Archangels. I will be taking some information from this book to give you some of the insight I have gained, so you have a better understanding about the Archangels. I highly recommend this book as it breaks down some really wonderful information about the different levels of angels. 

In this part 1 of the Archangel series, I wanted to talk a little bit about the different levels of angels. Without getting too carried away as there is a lot of information out there. 

There are three main levels or spheres of angels. And under each sphere are the break downs of the different types of angels. The first sphere has the angels that are closest to God. Sphere one has Serephim, Cherubim, and Thrones. Sphere two has Dominions, Virtues, and Powers. The final sphere has Principalities, Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, and Guiding Angels. So lets focus a little of the difference of all the Angels in Sphere three. 

The following information comes directly from the book, The Secrets of Angel Therapy

  • Principalities guide religions to the path of truth and are in charge of nations, cities and towns, as well as sacred sites. Principalities work with guardian angels to inspire us. 
  • Archangels are heralding angels, who give out God's messages to humanity. Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, and Uriel are the best-known Archangels.
  • There are literally millions of angels, helping in endless different ways. They guard people and all physical things. They include angels of Abundance, Balance, Creativity, Courage, Faith, Freedom, Harmony, Hope, Inspiration, Joy, Love, Peace and so on. 
  • Everyone has a guardian angel, who can never leave you and will inspire, comfort and console you throughout your life. You guardian angel is appointed to you when you first incarnate-it journeys with you through all your incarnations, evolving as you evolve. Some people feel that their guardian angel is actually their higher self or (as Buddhists say) the Divine spark or Buddha-nature within everyone. 
  • Everyone also has a guiding angel, who works with you. Your guiding angel will change as you evolve spiritually or as you need to learn different spiritual lessons, such as self-healing. Some people have several guiding angels working with them at any one time. 

For the longest time, I really had no clue what the difference between the Angels were. If someone said guide or angel, I thought it all fell under the same category. All of the different types are pretty amazing and the fact they all do different things for you. Its helpful for me that I can "call upon" or ask for guidance at all times. Whether I am doing self healing or a guided mediation or working with clients, they are always around to lend some guidance. I will be breaking down information for the four main Archangels and along the way I will be sharing some stories of my experiences as well. 

To purchase The Secrets of Angel Therapy, click the black box below.




The power of NOW

Happy Summer! Yesterday we experienced the Summer Solstice. The first day of summer, the longest day of light. Did you do anything fun to celebrate? I went to bed early, because my body needed rest. Tonight I am going to enjoy a Summer Solstice drumming circle at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community and I am so thrilled. I can feel it in my soul that I need a good cleansing with the power of the drum. It always just washes away what no longer serves me and raises my vibration to a whole ne level. 

With this Summer Solstice we had {in the Northern Hemisphere} it opened a whole new portal of light and energy. With that, we may start to feel the need to release a whole lot of built up emotion that no longer serves us. So don't be surprised if things are coming up for you that bring up a lot of emotion. The purpose of this post is to remind you to be present in the power of NOW. Focusing on the current moment you are being faced with instead of looking at the past or too far into the future. The moment that we have right before us may feel emotional, sad, upsetting, full of fear or maybe full of joy. Whatever you are experiencing now, embrace it. Do you feel like the same sad emotions are coming up for you? Then cry it out, release that shit so your SOUL can grow on a much deeper level. Whatever the emotion is, feel it, embrace it, let it out, forgive yourself or others and move forward. I have been crying more over the pass few days than I have in awhile. Embrace the heck out of it. Sit with it. Do some quiet reflection, meditation, spend time in nature and do what you need to do to heal your emotions. If you are not spending time doing that and are focusing on the future  you may start to feel fear which causes anxiety, typically what happens when you focus too far out and not staying in the NOW moment. 

Enjoy this day, enjoy this moment, embrace the feelings and ride the waves. Know that you are not alone in any of the feelings you have. If its too much for you to process, find someone that you can talk to. That can shine the love and light that you are needing for you. I'm hoping that just by posting this blog, it shines some light for what you may be going through. 

This portal of light and energy we are in, is again, to help you expand at a SOUL LEVEL. And like this quote I just found says, "Just for the record, darling, not all positive change feels positive in the beginning." -S.C. Lourie. It may not feel so great right now, going through anger or sadness, but trust me, good things are on the way! This is just the beginning, make every present moment count! Love to you all on this day. 

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