Are you dying to know?

I’m sure you have been dying to know more about me…

So let me share…

It’s been awhile since I have taken the time to introduce myself. I am Brittani Frey, owner of Healing Love and Light LLC, which is located in Prescott, WI.

I started on my “spiritual quest” about six years ago. Although I am a firm believer that this was always going to be my path, the light wasn’t shining so brightly until after I had my first born son. Which is hard for me to believe that in a few short weeks he will be six!

I feel like after giving birth to another human being, that something magical sort of happens. Something that is hard to explain, but I know other moms understand.

He was a gift from God and changed my life is so many ways. It was a few weeks after he was born that I took him to an energy practitioner. And after a few months, I started going for myself. All of that was just the beginning of an incredible journal.

Fast forward two and a half years and I was having my second son. Which again, opened me up in ways I never knew were possible.

It was in those few years that I had realized that I had some pretty amazing gifts myself that I was meant to share with others.

I have two beautiful boys and have been married to my hubby for seven years. There are ups, downs, and all arounds in life, marriage, and being a mom. But one thing I know is…

The journey of life gives us so many opportunities to learn, grown, fall and get back up again. A piece of advice; remember that in every situation, even when its hard, know that you are a Divine Being-that you have so much purpose in this Universe.

Have I wanted to throw in the towel? Hell yeah. Have I felt immobilized by the fear and judgment of what others think of me? Hell yeah. There are still times to this day that I worry about what others may view me as. But (like mentioned above) I remember that I am a Divine Being with a huge purpose to serve and I’m not about to let God down so easy.

In my years of working with my gift, I have had the opportunity to learn under some amazing teachers, light workers, mediums, God, Angels, and Spiritual beings. I feel like I am constantly learning, growing and expanding. So many wonderful beings have come into my life to teach, uplift and nurture me.

Hearing from my clients on what a huge impact I have made in their life. I know I have made a difference, and to me that's the best thing and feeling I could ever experience. Every situation is so eye opening and very beautiful.

The other biggest thing that has kept me going is being open about my own spiritual practice. Waking up every morning, placing my hand on my heart and focusing on gratitude. Making time for meditation and self care is also a huge way to keep me in alignment.

Other fun things about me: I love the moon and stars, I love painting and coloring, I love spending time at the cabin just taking in nature, I love drinking coffee, I love creating new and exciting things, and I love more than anything the three amazing guys in my life.

What I really wanted to share about myself is how much I love serving others. My purpose in this lifetime is to serve and guide others with their own healing abilities. I feel that I serve as a medium and conduit for the energy to flow from Spirit into my clients, through love and light. In almost every single session, I am brought to tears for what I feel for my clients, hearing their experiences during and after their session. That's what keeps me going.

I want for all people to experience a healing session in some form or another. Did you know that I do Oracle Card Readings? A great tool to use to connect to your guides and see what messages they have for you. I also conduct healing sessions one-on-one in person or via the phone. That's right, when working with energy I don’t need to be face to face with my clients. And have had a lot of success doing it both ways.

I also offer free 15 minutes consultations with my clients to see if this is what you are needing at this time! How cool is that? A good way to get to know each other and seeing what it is you are needing. Love it! All you have to do is fill out the form below and I will contact you to schedule your consultation.

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And HEY! I’d love for you to fill out the form above to just say HEY and to introduce yourself to me as well. It’s always so great to hear from others.

Signing out for now.

With Love and Light!