The Art of Manifesting

I trust the Divine to guide me to the topics that I am meant to share with everyone. Sometimes it comes in a very direct way and I get to "ah ha" feeling and other times I will have clients ask me about topics over and over again. Still guided from the Divine, just through actual physical beings. That is how I was lead to talk about today's topic of manifesting. 

I have had multiple clients over the past month ask how they can manifest things in their life. I held a full moon meditation a few weeks ago and the topic of manifestation came up there as well. The next day I did a Facebook live video all about manifesting. I asked my viewers to think of an object to focus on manifesting. It could be any object they wish to see and to focus on this over the next 24 hours, and how I guarantee they would see that object. Sure enough two of the viewers reached out saying they had seen their object with in just a few short HOURS after watching the video. How cool is that? The Universe/Divine aligns things to your path when you focus on creating/manifesting what it is that you want. The energy you put out there is what will come back to you. 

So how do you allow yourself to let go of control and put it in Divine's hands?

First off, you have heard me talk about the Law of Attraction. This applies to all things in your life. What you put out in the world positive or negative is what you will receive back to you. The first step to manifesting is having a positive attitude about what it is that you WANT.

The second step to this is instead of wanting something, is thinking and believing it is something you already HAVE. WHAT?!?! Yeah I know, sounds tricky right? Trust me, it gets easier over time. Your thoughts and your words are energy. So even if you are thinking you can't have something or deserve something, this will also match the vibration.

Third, you have to trust in the Divine/Universe. When you allow yourself to trust, things come a lot easier. It may not always come in the form that you want it to, but know that the Divine will align things to you that are what you are needing to experience.

Surrender! Key word here is to surrender, allow the Universe to guide you. Allow your self to relax, sit back and be in the flow. Its for sure a tricky thing especially if you are like me, and like to be in control. But surrendering allows you let things come into place the way they are meant to. 

Write and verbalize as much as possible. Share with others your dreams or those things you WANT and already HAVE in your life. Like actually talk about those WANTS as what you already have achieved in your life. For example, I really wanted to quit my day time job so I could focus on my business full time. There were so many times I thought I was ready and I realized that having that job was serving its purpose. So I started to think of all of the reasons I was there and started to envision myself as working full time for myself. Once I made that shift of not just dreaming anymore and actually seeing what it was like to be my own boss, things shifted into it actually becoming my reality. Make small changes and shifts into those things in your life you want to manifest. Watch how it all unfolds for you. 

Now lets go back to the fun little manifesting test I shared earlier. I want you to focus on an object, anything really. Focus over and over on this object as you have already witnessed and experienced it. Watch how the Universe aligns this to you! You will be amazed. 

If there are things in your life you are wanting to manifest and create and feel stuck, let me give you deeper guidance. There might be some stuck or stagnant energy that needs to be cleared away so the energy can flow to you better. I am here to offer guidance, insight and wisdom to help you to connect to these things. They aren't as far off as they may seem. 

Come back here and comment once you have manifested your object. I'd love to hear why you chose your object and how it presented itself! Happy Manifesting!