THANKSgiving and LOVE to YOU!

Has anyone been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed lately? Stress? Sadness? Happiness? Gratitude? I have been feeling all of the feels this past week or so. We have fully stepped into the Full Moon energy, which can bring up a lot of different emotions. I caught myself slipping into the whole “victim mode” this morning and turning into a not so pleasant B!$#@! Yikes. But hey I am only human. I quickly ran down to my healing space, lit some sage and Palo Santo and did some grounding work. Reminding myself to get present, grounded and centered back into the experience I am wanting to have. {Which is not Master B!$#@, haha}

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I recently did a guided meditation and gave some tips on how to stay grounded and centered through the Holidays. I had to practice what I preach right? I just wanted to remind you all, it is human and natural to “slip” into that mode. But look at your current state of experience. Is this how you want to feel? Are you ready to release that experience to make room for a different one? Do you want to be that negative energy during the Holidays?

I was about to make my pumpkin pie when I “slipped” into that zone. I thought to myself, “Is this the energy I want baked into the pie? or do I want LOVE baked into the pie?” That is why I had to run down and do a clearing and grounding exercise.

Like I said the other day, “Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.” ;-)

You got this babe, enjoy the heck out of your family and this amazing journey we are all on together!

Lastly, I have to say THANK YOU! To all of you beautiful souls that continue to give me LOVE, SUPPORT and so much to be grateful for! I love you all.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful Holiday season and have whatever experience you are meant to have with the ones you LOVE!

I’ll be back available for healing sessions on Monday, November 26th!

Don’t forget to stop by for my Open House THIS Saturday, November 24th at 10-2. Stop by to say hello, have yummy snacks and drinks, do a little Holiday shopping and experience a demo of how a healing session works! *Gift certificates available for purchase as well.

Thankful for YOU. Your love, support, and the feedback I receive from all of YOU!

Thankful for YOU. Your love, support, and the feedback I receive from all of YOU!