What does being in alignment mean? Why is it important to know if you are in or out of alignment? And easy ways to get yourself back into alignment.

Alignment to me, means being in tune to your heart center and aligned with what you truly desire your life to be. It means that you can create a life that you truly LOVE and brings you JOY. As human beings, it is so easy for us to slide in and out of alignment with our heart center. So what does this look like?

When you are NOT in alignment with your heart, you experience:

  • Sickness/sluggish feelings

  • Unclear, foggy, stuck

  • Anxious, agitation, fear

  • Not feeling like yourself

  • Doing things because you feel like you “should”

When you are IN alignment with your heart, you experience:

  • You take time for self-care

  • Do things that are FUN and that bring you JOY

  • Eat and sleep patterns are good for you

  • You feel like yourself

The first step in living your life more in alignment with your heart center is to have awareness. Notice how it feels specifically for you when you are IN or OUT of alignment. For everyone, they may experience different things. What is it for you? Pay attention to your feelings, thoughts, actions and triggers. Are you doing things that are aligned for you?

Take time to connect to your feelings, thoughts and actions. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want to experience in my life?

  • What do I need in my life?

  • What lights me up?

  • What is no longer serving me at this time?

  • What do I want more of?

  • What do I want less of?

  • Am I doing things because I “should” or because it brings me JOY?

Lastly, take responsibility for YOUR life. No one else is responsible to make you happy, to make you feel loved, to do things for you. You get to create the life you want. It must start by getting real with yourself, by loving yourself, for being grateful for all that you have. Then start to build off of all of that amazing yumminess. It will feel so good when you are in alignment with your heart center.

So are you experiencing alignment? If you are feeling stuck, coming off the winter blues, not sure which way to go; then its time to get you back into alignment. If that is the case, hit the reply button and lets do it together.

I will guide you into releasing which no longer serves you to get back to the alignment you desire.