Do You Enjoy Traveling?

Do you love to travel? Always seeking out those perfect travel destinations? When I say travel to other dimensions, are you aware of what that means? I hope you have your travel pants on because I am about to take you on a pretty fun adventure.

Imagine you are sitting in your parked car, out in nature somewhere. The windows are down and you can hear the wind and the birds. You turn on some soft relaxing music and decide to close your eyes. With each breath you take, your body becomes softer and more relaxed. You feel your breath becoming more calm, the air around you becoming more still. You start to visualize this golden sparkly light start to swirl around you. Energizing you in a way that is full of peace and love. In this moment you decided to connect with the angelic presences of any Love Ones, Angels or Guides. The right side of your body starts to warm and feel tingly. You heart knows this feeling. This energy feels so loving and nurturing, motherly in a sense. To your left, you feel a strong presence. Not it a bad way, just more bold and strong. Ahhhh the feel of your Loved Ones are now here with you in this space. As you sit there, your wrap yourself in this familiar energy and it completely transforms you to be on a higher realm, a higher dimension. You sit there for quite awhile, enjoying conversation back and forth with both of them. You ask questions, they answer in the most loving, reassuring way possible. It feels so good to be here. Once you feel like you have accomplished what you had wanted, you decide its time to “come back to reality”. Bringing your awareness into your body, you look around and regain the familiarity with where you are. You breathe in the fresh smell of pine, feel the breeze back on your skin, feel the warmth of the energy circulating through your body. You give thanks for this moment you just have. Then turning on your car you decide it is time to drive away. But then something happens. As you are driving, you feel this transition of sorts, your soul reentering your body. {Like in the movies when a spirit comes through a wall and enters into your body, with the noise “bloop, bloop, bloop”} You think “Holy Shit” what just happened, but you keep on driving down the road. All of that felt so good, you felt surrounded by golden light and your Loved Ones. You knew in those moments {however much “time” you were there}, that you were filled with love, JOY, and peace. You think to yourself, “I want to go back to wherever I just was.” But continue on with your day.

How did that journey feel for you? Could you feel yourself through each moment of that travel? This is something that actually happened to me the other day. After I drove away that day, I didn't give it much more though, except how amazing it felt to be surrounded by my Grandma and Grandpa. I was happy how all of that unfolded, and did have to share with a few more people. I found out the next day that the, “bloop, bloop, bloop” feeling was real. It WAS my soul reentering my physical body as I traveled to another dimension on my journey with my grandparents.

I know that this has happened to me in the past. For most people we often do this while we are sleeping. Maybe I have done it before while awake, but I hadn't experienced my soul coming back so suddenly. Maybe it sounds crazy and maybe you know exactly what I am talking about with your own experience. While sleeping, have you ever had that “jolting” feeling where you twitch real bad? That is your soul coming back into your body. As majority of us, maybe even all, have our souls travel at night. But lets not get too caught up in that, as I don't want to scare you all away. Haha-if I haven't yet.

I hope you enjoyed taking a very adventurous journey with me.

I would love to hear if you have had an experience like this before. Send me an email at

Sending you all so much Love and Light on your travel journeys!