Archangel Series....Part 1

I have recently been reading a book called The Secrets of Angel Therapy written by Hazel Raven. While reading this book it inspired me to share wisdom about all of the different Archangels. I will be taking some information from this book to give you some of the insight I have gained, so you have a better understanding about the Archangels. I highly recommend this book as it breaks down some really wonderful information about the different levels of angels. 

In this part 1 of the Archangel series, I wanted to talk a little bit about the different levels of angels. Without getting too carried away as there is a lot of information out there. 

There are three main levels or spheres of angels. And under each sphere are the break downs of the different types of angels. The first sphere has the angels that are closest to God. Sphere one has Serephim, Cherubim, and Thrones. Sphere two has Dominions, Virtues, and Powers. The final sphere has Principalities, Archangels, Angels, Guardian Angels, and Guiding Angels. So lets focus a little of the difference of all the Angels in Sphere three. 

The following information comes directly from the book, The Secrets of Angel Therapy

  • Principalities guide religions to the path of truth and are in charge of nations, cities and towns, as well as sacred sites. Principalities work with guardian angels to inspire us. 
  • Archangels are heralding angels, who give out God's messages to humanity. Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, and Uriel are the best-known Archangels.
  • There are literally millions of angels, helping in endless different ways. They guard people and all physical things. They include angels of Abundance, Balance, Creativity, Courage, Faith, Freedom, Harmony, Hope, Inspiration, Joy, Love, Peace and so on. 
  • Everyone has a guardian angel, who can never leave you and will inspire, comfort and console you throughout your life. You guardian angel is appointed to you when you first incarnate-it journeys with you through all your incarnations, evolving as you evolve. Some people feel that their guardian angel is actually their higher self or (as Buddhists say) the Divine spark or Buddha-nature within everyone. 
  • Everyone also has a guiding angel, who works with you. Your guiding angel will change as you evolve spiritually or as you need to learn different spiritual lessons, such as self-healing. Some people have several guiding angels working with them at any one time. 

For the longest time, I really had no clue what the difference between the Angels were. If someone said guide or angel, I thought it all fell under the same category. All of the different types are pretty amazing and the fact they all do different things for you. Its helpful for me that I can "call upon" or ask for guidance at all times. Whether I am doing self healing or a guided mediation or working with clients, they are always around to lend some guidance. I will be breaking down information for the four main Archangels and along the way I will be sharing some stories of my experiences as well. 

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