New Year + New Mindset

I am so excited to launch my new online program, New Year + New Mindset. It came to me from my Guides a little over a month ago. I had been thinking about it and kept getting the nudge to go for it. Then in the physical realm, I had a few friends bring it up as well. Which leads me to this moment, going ahead and getting it started! I am soooo excited to see this all unfold!

Here is the information regarding the program. I hope you join in on all the amazing-ness!

I am so excited to be launching a 3-week program starting on January 14-February 3rd. The cost of this 3 week program is only $44.44!! Here is what each week will be about {with a fun few additions}. It will be about connection to your mind, body and spirit.

Week #1: Grounding and protecting your body and energy field. Why is it important to feel grounded on a daily basis and what does this mean?

Week #2: How to take care of your mind and how your thoughts create your reality. It is so important to have a healthy mindset.

Week #3: We are all spiritual beings, living in a physical body. Ways to connect to the spiritual realm and connect to your spirit guides.

Each week you will receive an email on Sunday evening with a short introduction to the topic and a guided meditation for the week. You will be a part of a private “Vibe Tribe” community.

On Wednesday evenings at 8 pm I will host a Facebook Live event where we will dive deeper into the topic and answer any questions.

I will also do Angel Card readings for the guests who are watching live. Can’t make it live? The replay will be on the group page.

To sign up, click on the PayPal link below. You will receive confirmation afterwards. Any questions please reach out. Registration closes on Saturday, January 12th at 11:59pm.

new yearnewmindset.jpg