The power of NOW

Happy Summer! Yesterday we experienced the Summer Solstice. The first day of summer, the longest day of light. Did you do anything fun to celebrate? I went to bed early, because my body needed rest. Tonight I am going to enjoy a Summer Solstice drumming circle at the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community and I am so thrilled. I can feel it in my soul that I need a good cleansing with the power of the drum. It always just washes away what no longer serves me and raises my vibration to a whole ne level. 

With this Summer Solstice we had {in the Northern Hemisphere} it opened a whole new portal of light and energy. With that, we may start to feel the need to release a whole lot of built up emotion that no longer serves us. So don't be surprised if things are coming up for you that bring up a lot of emotion. The purpose of this post is to remind you to be present in the power of NOW. Focusing on the current moment you are being faced with instead of looking at the past or too far into the future. The moment that we have right before us may feel emotional, sad, upsetting, full of fear or maybe full of joy. Whatever you are experiencing now, embrace it. Do you feel like the same sad emotions are coming up for you? Then cry it out, release that shit so your SOUL can grow on a much deeper level. Whatever the emotion is, feel it, embrace it, let it out, forgive yourself or others and move forward. I have been crying more over the pass few days than I have in awhile. Embrace the heck out of it. Sit with it. Do some quiet reflection, meditation, spend time in nature and do what you need to do to heal your emotions. If you are not spending time doing that and are focusing on the future  you may start to feel fear which causes anxiety, typically what happens when you focus too far out and not staying in the NOW moment. 

Enjoy this day, enjoy this moment, embrace the feelings and ride the waves. Know that you are not alone in any of the feelings you have. If its too much for you to process, find someone that you can talk to. That can shine the love and light that you are needing for you. I'm hoping that just by posting this blog, it shines some light for what you may be going through. 

This portal of light and energy we are in, is again, to help you expand at a SOUL LEVEL. And like this quote I just found says, "Just for the record, darling, not all positive change feels positive in the beginning." -S.C. Lourie. It may not feel so great right now, going through anger or sadness, but trust me, good things are on the way! This is just the beginning, make every present moment count! Love to you all on this day. 

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