July New Moon

Does this New Moon energy feel a little (or a lot) more intense than past ones? Its because we are also experiencing a Solar Eclipse at the exact same time. Along with six planets in retrograde. Holy Moly right? This isn't intended to daunt you or scare you. Its really all about finding balance and healing. Some "not so great" things may be coming up to the surface that you feel like you need to run or hide from. Trust me, don't do this, because if you do, it might come back again and again. The Universe has a way to do that. You run and hide, eventually you need to work through it, so its just going to keep coming back until you do. A lot of these things may (or do) have an attachment to a past life and yours souls mission is to learn something from this. Even the most spiritual and connected people need to heal from the past. 

Last night I decided that I was needing to release some cords and attachments that came up, served their purpose, but that I was ready to release and move forward from. Although you typically hear that the New Moon is the time for new beginnings, which it is. You also need to release and make room for those new beginnings. Here is a picture below of the New Moon ritual I did. I lit a candle, burned some sage and palo santo, pulled some cards from the Native Spirit deck and wrote a list of what I wanted to release. Once I burned that paper, I then made a list of what I wanted to bring in and the new beginnings I want to experience. If you are wanting to learn more about New Moon rituals you can read my blog post called "Using the Power of a New Moon." 

new moon ritual.PNG

My overall message for you, is to ALLOW to emotions to rise, ALLOW yourself to process, just ALLOW. However it comes, ALLOW. If you're needing to cry, allow yourself a good cry. Scream, laugh, sleep just allow. All is perfect in this moment, you are whole in this perfect moment. Your experiences are exactly what they are. If you are needing additional support, please reach out. I am here to remind you that LOVE and ALLOWING will guide you to process all of this. Enjoy this beautiful day!