Living an Inspired Life

I am currently reading a book, “Living an Inspired Life: Your Ultimate Calling” by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. If you haven't read this book yet, I believe it is a must. I had checked out this book a few weeks ago from the library and the day I picked it up to start to read, I knew it was Divine Timing. Within the first chapter it spoke loud and clear to me.

Here is an excerpt of the first chapter.

“I think of the word inspiration as meaning “being in-Spirit.” When we’re in Spirit, we’re inspired…and when we’re inspired, its because we’re back in-Spirit, fully awake to Spirit within us. Being inspired is an experience of joy: We feel completely connected to our Source and totally on purpose; our creative juices flow, and we bring exceptionally high energy to our daily life. We’re not judging others or ourselves—we’re uncritical and unbothered by behaviors or attitudes that in uninspired moments are frustrating. Our heart sings in appreciation for every breath; and we’re tolerant, joyful, and loving.”

Since picking up this book to read (I am only a few chapters in) it has made me look at life with a different perspective. It is a great example and eye opening experience to look at life as being in-Spirit. We all came here as Spiritual beings from the same Source energy. And to remember that is so important. When you are living in-Spirit, you are living with less judgment and more love and joy, as stated above.

Here is another excerpt that I enjoyed reading;

“If we can remember that we’re responsible for what we’re attracting, we can eliminate the negative energy we wallow in. If what we desire is to be inspired and feel joy, but the opposite keeps showing up, rather than cursing fate, we can view ourselves as simply being out of creative vibrational alignment. We can shift our vibrations, in the form of thoughts, to those that are more harmonious with our desires, and we can then begin to take small steps necessary for our inspiration to be sensed. Source energy will cooperate with us when we seek it energetically—moreover, we begin to reassess our lives for misaligned attractions and imagined bad luck.”

This is also something that really spoke loud and clear to me as I have shared this information with my clients in the past. Our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create our reality. We all came from Source energy with a contract or multiple contracts that we need to fulfill in this lifetime. It is so interesting and a great reminder that everything that happened to us in this lifetime we chose to create. The good, the bad, the ugly it is all things that we chose to sign up for. The next time you think your co-worker frustrates you and question everything you do, ask yourself, “what is this teaching me? Why did I choose this experience?” Maybe what it is teaching you is to have compassion towards people regardless of how they make you feel. See that your experiences are for the greater good and you will gain a whole new perspective on past and future events that will unfold.

The first thing I want you to focus on with living an inspired life, is living your life with more joy. If you are doing things in your life because you think you “should” you are not living in alignment of joy. “We deserve to feel joy—its our spiritual calling.” Make sure that all things you do in life bring you in alignment of joy. Do the things that call to your soul, that bring alignment to joy.

Here are some action steps to take:

1) Ask yourself are you living in alignment of joy?

2) Are your thoughts creating an in-Spirit experience or limiting you in some way?

3) Pick up the book Living an Inspired Life by Dr. Wayne D Dyer and start reading. It will be so eye opening for you!

Reach out and ask questions, leave a comment below or share my blog post if this spoke to you!

love wayne dyer.jpg

She was still...

All around her life in all forms was filling her senses.

The rooster was calling the morning~ so fresh and new.

The fog was gliding ever so slightly on the glass-like surface of the water.

There were ducks, looks, crows, birds of all sorts. Geese, morning doves, trumpeter swans, woodpeckers~all sharing their songs and calls.

A beaver was gathering sticks on the shore to build a safe home.

An otter coming out of the woods to take a morning swim.

She was still…

And everything around her was embracing this new day.

The sun was starting to rise on the hill behind her. Filling the sky with pinks, oranges, and purples delight.

And as she sat in stillness~ her heart filling with so much love~for all of the life around her.

Gratitude for this new day and these beautiful creatures filling her senses.

All of these things filler her with love and joy.

And then a wave of emotion washed over her and she sat in stillness. Feeling this great emotion. Feeling this great connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Ancestors and the beings of this new day. She is one, she is still, she is LOVE.