Spirit around you...

 My belief is that we are all born with intuitive/spiritual gifts. It is how we are raised whether those gifts are accepted or not. A lot of religions do not accept certain spiritual practices outside of the church, calling them all sorts of names, "devil", "evil", etc. I'm not trying to start a debate or a discussion on right or wrong, but just read a little more to gain insight on what my beliefs are. What if we all just accepted peoples beliefs as their own unique journey on this planet? Without putting any labels on others beliefs and just going with the flow and allowing and seeing things with love.

I was never told as a child that seeing Spirit was a good or bad thing, I don't even recall it being brought up as a topic of right or wrong. What I do remember was being fascinated when hearing stories about ghosts and spirit. As a little girl, my mom had a few friends that had a lot of encounters with Spirits. It would always intrigue me and I never felt harmed or scared from their stories. In fact, I remember wanting to have similar experiences. I am sure I did have my own experiences but I don't recall any of them.

When my first son was born, the experiences started happening more frequently and having a deeper impact on me. Each encounter that I have had since my son was born, has taught me so much and has really helped me develop the skills I use on a daily basis, in my practice. 

When he was 8 months old, I went to have an energy session done. In this particular session, I was able to connect with my grandfather. It was so incredible and the details that the medium gave me were on point. Things about him that only I would know. He showed her a picture of a cardinal sitting in a windowsill. Ever since his passing, I have had a cardinal statue sitting in my windowsill, in every house I have lived in. I came home that day and was sitting in the living room, playing with my 8 month old. He looked up to the ceiling and said, "Papa". My son was the one who saw my grandpa with me that day, mind you my son had never really spoken a word before. My son would also lay in his crib at night or at naptime and babble and giggle to himself. My grandpa, when he was alive, was quite the jokester, always cracking wise ass jokes and sticking out his tongue. I am a firm believer that my grandpa was and is always with him. All of these moments that unraveled with my son kept making me believe more and more in the Spirit world and knowing that Spirits are always with us. 

Here is another story with my son...  Three years ago we moved into our house, my son was 2.5 years old. Every time my son would go into his bedroom he would either get really hyper and full of energy or a little scared and timid. It was an odd thing to see. Behavior that he hadn't really experienced before. He would come out of his room and say, "I don't want that man in my bedroom." With a  little research and connecting with other mediums, we had found out that there was an old man that living on this property before our house was born. His Spirit was still with the house and he was so happy and excited to have a young child in the house. There hadn't been young children to live in this house in quite some time. He was not a harmful Spirit at all, just happy to see a young child here. After a few weeks, we finally had to ask his Spirit to move on and to go somewhere else, because we didn't want our son to feel anxious in his room. After we had asked his Spirit to leave, he hasn't been back. It has been much more peaceful for my son in our home. 

My children have also seen me go through some loss of loved ones before. We openly discuss the people who have passed away and their presence in heaven. When my children hear a big crack of thunder, they know their angels are bowling in Heaven. We are open and honest about a lot of things. And I will forever allow them to be open and connected to the Spirit world, without shame or fear.

*Side Note: I recently had a family member voice their concern for me and my children. I don't think it was meant in a bad way or anything, maybe just out of concern or curiosity. I am sure there are more family members or friends with the same concern. Here is my response for any one have curiosity or concern. I do not attend church at this time nor do I bring my children to church. This isn't because my Spiritual world has taken over my religion. I feel just as connected to God, if not more, with the work that I do vs. sitting in a church pew once a week. I pray, speak and connect to God on a daily basis with the work that I do. All with good intentions for the highest and best good of myself and the clients I work with. I usually don't use the term God in doing so. I use the term Source/Spirit/Universe as I cater to the people I am working with. It is all a term that means the same-God. I do not enforce my children to go to church, but I teach them and talk to them, open and honestly about God. I allow them to connect to Spirit in ways that make them feel safe and confident. 

The most important and influential experiences I have had have shaped me into the person I am today. I hope as a mother I can share these experiences with my children and that they share their experiences with me as well. I have seen, felt, heard, smelled things that reassure me that Spirits are always with me. 

Here is a picture as to one time I felt a Spirit with me. I was connecting with a love one who had passed and then looked in the sky to see this...



I'd love to hear from you. I love hearing other peoples experiences with Spirit, Angels, etc. 

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