Ah-ha moment

I've been racking my brain on what it is that I want to write about. And then all of a sudden I had a fricken ah-ha moment. To share some of my own spiritual experiences. Where do I even start with my experiences? Sitting outside today led me to a conversation with a coworker and it inspired me to share a pretty cool moment. 

So my ah-ha moment that I was just reminded of was allergies. You're probably thinking, "haha what is she even talking about and how can allergies be part of her spiritual path?" I'm sitting outside today and was having a conversation with a coworker about food sensivities and allergies. I said, "I am lucky I have never really had allergies before, oh wait yeah I guess I have had pretty serious seasonal allergies." I actually have not experienced seasonal allergies in over two years. I use to take all sorts of different allergy medications most of my adult life, especially in the Spring when all of the beautiful nature started to bloom. I could barely be outside for five minutes before I would start having the sniffles and sneezes. 

I remember the day that being "cleared" for seasonal allergies was on the agenda for my healing session. I say being cleared in parenthesis because I want to explain what that actually means. We all have a belief system {you may have read about that in one of my first posts on energy} that started in utero in this lifetime and actually some beliefs can be carried with our souls through multiple lifetimes. The day I went to have energy work done, I was being worked on to release my belief that I needed to experience seasonal allergies, as it was passed on from generations down to me. My mom and grandma have also had seasonal allergies throughout their life. It was kind of that "ah-ha" moment that I did not need to carry this belief with me and I no longer needed to have this as my experience. Ta-DA! While focusing on that change of belief, I no longer experience allergies. My son, who now is five, also experienced seasonal allergies a few years ago. I did the same form of energy clearing and he is no free and clear from those attachments to allergies as well. {Ding ding ding-we have a winner-no more passing down the generation belief tied to seasonal allergies}. I have to give credit to Natasha Lahn at Golden Lotus Healing Center in Prescott, who worked her magic of energy healing with me and has also taught me so much to do on my own. 

Its cute and funny though, as I was putting him to bed the other night he had the sniffles and runny nose, and I said "Oh you must have a little bit of allergies." I quickly paused and he said, "I'll have to tell my teacher tomorrow that I have allergies." I had to reprogram my thoughts and turn to him and said, "Instead of saying you have allergies, say that you are strong and healthy and free of allergies." I did notice that the next day and evening at bedtime all was well again. 

I thought I just had to share one of my spiritual/energy/belief stories with all of you. Take a look at where your beliefs in life may be limiting you in some form or fashion. Do you suffer from allergies/food sensitivities/etc.? Just know that you do not have to limit yourself. There are tools and techniques to help you change your beliefs of that which limit you. I'm not saying that everyone has to go out and get released of these things, but if it at all interests you, I can point you into the right direction.