Full Moon Rising...

Are you familiar with how powerful the energy of a Full Moon can be? Most people are aware of how amazing the Full Moon is. But some people might disagree with "amazing" and might use terms like "crazy". If you work around children, patients, just other people, then you know that leading up to a Full Moon the energy can make people a little "wild". Whatever energy you are feeling a few days leading up to the Full Moon, that energy will be amplified. If you are feeling mad, then you can expect that to be amplified. If you are feeling happy and full of energy, expect more of that. 

I wanted to share 5 tips on how you can focus your energy a few days leading up to a Full Moon and after. And then also a ritual you can do during the Full Moon. 

1) Ground Yourself: When you start to feel other peoples energy get a little "crazy" or "off course", take time to ground and center yourself as much as possible. This is especially important the few days leading up to the Full Moon. 

2) Meditate: This can be done under the Full Moon or in a quiet space. Taking time for yourself, reflection and just listening is the key of this time. 

 3) Clear your crystals: The Full Moon energy is great energy to clear and recharge your crystals. It clears out the old stagnant energy and allows new energy to come in. 

4) Get outside under the Full Moon light: All you need is a clear view of the Full Moon. Focus and reflect on the wonderful things in your life. Again, if there are things that are no longer needing your energy, release. 

5) Get clear on what you want to release: Look back at the last month and see what was working for you and what wasn't. Are there things that are no longer serving you or highest and best good? Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down what you are no longer wanting/needing in your life. 

The day of the Full Moon there are many rituals you can partake, many different things you can do based on your beliefs. Everyone does things a little differently and that is perfect. Watch the video below to see what my ritual consists of. 




I'd LOVE to hear from you and hear about your Full Moon Rituals. Please feel free to contact me by email brittani@healinglovelight.com