Grounding and Being in the Flow


The picture above is from yesterday {April 29, 2018}. My family and I had just went on a walk and the boys wanted to stop and throw some rocks in the river. I thought, "I am taking advantage of this moment to connect to Mother Earth and to just be in the flow". My five year old kept asking me, "Mom why do you have your socks and shoes off?" I just kept telling him how good it felt to just be barefoot. My husband finally said to him, "because there is good energy in the Earth." OMG, melt my heart. They were both just so cute, my son being all worried why I was barefoot and my hubby getting the whole energy thing.

It is so important to take time out of your day to connect to Mother Earth {also known as Grounding/Earthing}. Its the process of connecting to that wonderful energy to bring balance back into your life. Maybe you go day to day feeling anxious, stressed, have "out of body" experiences, or pick up on others emotions way too much. When you connect to Mother Earth you can instantly feel a shift or relief if your own energy. Some people like to walk barefoot or to sit in the grass with your feet connected, some like to ground by gardening and getting their hands in the dirt, and when these options aren't available, you can visualize the connection. 

Most people are empaths {feel others energy} without even knowing they are empaths. Meaning, you can go from complete happiness, someone walks into the room and you feel their sadness or anger. This would be a good time to ground yourself. Or maybe on a daily basis you have stress or anxiety. Typically, when I work with my clients, and they experience anxiety, it is coming from an imbalance in the root chakra {the chakra that is located at the base of the spine}. A way to balance this chakra is to feel connected and that connection comes from Mother Earth. Are you still following? So what can you do to feel connected to Mother Earth? Use the options I listed above. Get outside and connect with Mother Earth in whichever way feels good to you. If you can't get outside to connect {cause lets be honest, who is going to go barefoot in the snow. Let's hope we are done with that}, you can then visualize the connection to Mother Earth. Listen to the audio below to be guided in that visualization. Start to practice this on a daily basis. It can be a practice you also do multiple times throughout your day. It should be done first thing in the morning, throughout the day if you are feeling anxious/stressed/out of body, and then at the end of your day to clear out any energy you may have picked up on through the day. The more you practice any form of grounding technique, the stress subsides, the anxiety diminishes and you start to live a life having a better connection to Mother Earth, with less fear. Doesn't that just sound amazing?

Take time throughout your day to just stop and connect. Take advantage of this beautiful weather. You can even just sit against a tree, hug a tree, connect to the Earth in whichever way feels really good. 

The other part of this blog is to be in the flow. When you sit next to the water, listen to the noise it makes, watch the way the water flows. When you bring this practice into your life, life just flows better. Again, lessening or diminishing the stress and anxiety in life. You can do this exercise by sitting next to water or when you are in the bath or shower. Letting the water just flow and wash away any fears, worries, doubts, etc. 

Please enjoy the guided grounding meditation below!