She was still...

All around her life in all forms was filling her senses.

The rooster was calling the morning~ so fresh and new.

The fog was gliding ever so slightly on the glass-like surface of the water.

There were ducks, looks, crows, birds of all sorts. Geese, morning doves, trumpeter swans, woodpeckers~all sharing their songs and calls.

A beaver was gathering sticks on the shore to build a safe home.

An otter coming out of the woods to take a morning swim.

She was still…

And everything around her was embracing this new day.

The sun was starting to rise on the hill behind her. Filling the sky with pinks, oranges, and purples delight.

And as she sat in stillness~ her heart filling with so much love~for all of the life around her.

Gratitude for this new day and these beautiful creatures filling her senses.

All of these things filler her with love and joy.

And then a wave of emotion washed over her and she sat in stillness. Feeling this great emotion. Feeling this great connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky, the Ancestors and the beings of this new day. She is one, she is still, she is LOVE.