Singing Bowl

I wanted to share my amazing singing bowl and the story behind it, as well as the importance of using a singing bowl as a tool in healing. 

My singing bowl {pictured below} was gifted to me from my dear friend Stacey. I had been talking her ear off non stop about going to these sound healing meditations and how I love the impact a singing bowl has. {She probably got sick of me saying how bad I needed to have one in my life, haha} But in all seriousness, she gave it to me this past Christmas and it was probably one of the most beautiful things I have ever received. I was in tears as I opened the box and felt a connection to the singing bowl right away. It came with some great use and energy and I couldn't wait to give it a whirl.

I slowly started practicing, not really sure how to use it. I actually had to watch a few videos on YouTube. I use the singing bowl almost every single day. I can instantly feel a shift in my vibration and it helps me get in "tune" and in alignment. A perfect way to start each day and end my day. 

For some of you, you have experienced it each Sunday when I do my group collective healing work and some of you have been fortunate to let me practice on you in person during sessions.  

singing bowl 1.jpg

Using a singing bowl in meditation or healing has a lot of wonderful benefits. The different sizes of singing bowls give off a different vibration and frequency. Since we are all made of energy and have a vibration, we can attune to the vibrations of the singing bowl bringing in powerful healing. Each size also correlates with the different chakras. Think of "fah so la tee do" this is how the vibration of the singing bowls help you to healing, bring balance within each level we have energetically. {Hopefully I am explaining that well and that it makes sense}. 

Singing bowls aid in reducing stress and anxiety, guides us into a deep relaxing meditative state, improves immunity, aligns the life force flow of energy, reduces blood pressure and improves concentration. {See so many amazing benefits and probably some I am missing}

Click the "Watch Here" button below to listen to my Solar Plexus singing bowl...