Okay Everyone here it is. Let me just start out by saying I am not a "writer". I have merely just started this blog because I have a lot going on in my head that I feel so called to share. Everyone keeps asking me, "what is your blog going to be about?" I guess that's what makes this so fun, is that I don't really have a huge structure in what I want for my material. I am going to be sharing some life events, things about my Healing business <obvious> and just whatever else comes to my mind. 

My purpose in this life is to share love and light, guide others to do the same, and spread it like a wild fire. And ya know what? Life isn't always Love and Light. I have to share my favorite quote; I'm mostly "Peace, Love and Light" and a little "Go Fuck Yourself". Yup, that pretty much sums it out. So while I am here to shine my light, its not always rainbows and sunshine. I am here to be real, honest, and authentic.


1) I am not too concerned with having proper grammar, so please do not critique me. I don't have all the time to make sure things are perfect, spelled right and punctuation in the right spots. Just over look my mistakes. '

2) All of the material on my blog and site informative, fun, and all about bringing awareness to you. Please read at your own risk. Try to keep an open mind and have respect.